Traditional Artisan Distilling


The Finest Spirits you can find.

Here's an explanation of the different types of craft spirits we produce.


Gin- Our 'Route Eight' gin is a distilled spirit that utilizes eight of the finest herbs and spices we can find including juniper berries, fresh lemon and lime peel, cinnamon, star anise and coriander for a bright, full flavored gin. Excellent as a mixer or all by itself on the rocks. 80 Proof. $25/750 ml

'King's Cut' Single Malt Whiskey- Our flagship whiskey is a single malt whiskey with big, bold aromas of smoke, chocolate, caramel, stout beer, coffee and vanilla. We use only the finest English grown barley and specialty malts to produce the most flavorful whiskey possible.  A wonderful winter warmer neat or on the rocks anytime. Barrel aged in 5, 10 and 15 gallon new charred oak barrels.  90 proof. $55/ 750ml


Brandy- A smooth, fruit forward bandy made from Muscato wine and then double pot distilled.  80 Proof.

Available at the distillery only. $55/ 750ml


Grappa- Distilled from the skins of locally grown Traminette and Vidal grapes (including our own), this spirit retains the spicy, fruity character the Traminette grape is known for.  It produces an excellent spirit with a long and spicy finish. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in a shot of Espresso. Salute! 80 proof. $25/375 ml

Available at the distillery only.

Limoncello- Our 'Druid's Dilemma'' Limoncello  *SILVER MEDAL WINNER * is made from an old Italian recipe. We use the finest fresh lemons we can find and infuse them in our own alcohol base. It takes over 1 month of soaking and aging for this spirit to really round out. Excellent as an after dinner palate cleanser! Store and serve it from the freezer. It will not freeze! Serve ice cold.. $25/ 750ml

'Crooked Cannon' Coffee Liqueur- Our Crooked Cannon coffee liqueur is made with real fresh brewed coffee (Panama). We caramelize our own sugar and mix it with coffee and our house made vanilla extract and espresso. Excellent as an after dinner treat or by itself anytime. Try it in an espresso martini!  $35/750 ml

'Original' Gin- Our 'Original' Gin sports intense citrus notes from the use of citrus peel. The mid palate is earthy with juniper and coriander. The bottom is held up by a judicious use of orris and angelica root. A super mixer for your best tonic water, martini or negroni. One of our personal favorites! $25/ 750 ml

'Round Table' Silver Rum- Our rum is made by slowly fermenting the highest quality molasses and then double pot distilling it. You will find notes of cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Enjoy it in your favorite cocktail, neat or on the rocks. $35/ 750 ml
Available at the distillery only.

'Round Table' Dark Rum- Our rum is made by slowly fermenting the highest quality molasses and then double pot distilling it. You will find notes of cotton candy, toasted marshmallow, caramel and vanilla. This rum is aged in small charred whiskey barrels.  Enjoy it in your favorite cocktail, neat or on the rocks.  $55/ 750ml

Nocino-  Is another old Italian favorite of ours. Made from green walnuts, mixed with cinnamon, lemon zest, vanilla, and clove. Good as a desert drink, or on ice cream! $25 /375 ml

Bourbon-  Our Bourbon is a made from a mash of organic blue corn, English 2 row barley and chocolate rye malt and fermented with Belgian ale yeast. It is aged in new American charred oak barrels. $55 /750 ml

Peated Whiskey-  A Scottish style whiskey made with a small percentage of peat smoked English barley and aged in used whiskey barrels. Fermented with Belgian Abbey style and yeast.  $55 /750 ml

Look for our spirits at the following liquor agencies :

Giant Eagle (Cuyahoga Falls): Portage Crossing
Giant Eagle (Green): Massillon Rd
Giant Eagle (North Canton): Washington Square
The Wine Barrel (Akron): Home Ave
Silver Spirits (Akron): Merriman Valley